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For all the latest industry news , special offers , refurbished equipment ,stock sales, revolutionary new PVD techniques or just what the Moorfield team have been up to..

Vacuum pump fluids of all types

At Moorfield vacuum we have decades of experience in pu…

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Vacuum pump parts and spares

Moorfield Vacuum components offers the widest range of …

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UHV deposition stages from moorfield

Moorfield are pleased to be able to offer customised UH…

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Edwards 306 service spares and upgrade support

At Moorfield we have specialised in PVD systems for som…

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Vacuum training courses

Moorfield offers a wide range of vacuum training course…

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UK United kingdoms leading vacuum pump repair

Andy Taylor and his team are pleased to be able to offe…

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Another Amazing vacuum chamber produced

Once again another beautifully made Moorfield UHV high …

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Vacuum components of all types

Moorfield vacuum has the greatest range of vacuum fitti…

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Sputter deposition targets and materials

To complement the sales of out high vacuum sputtering s…

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Water cooled hIgh vacuum chambers

Moorfield supplies high quality vacuum chambers of all …

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Engineered to Defection

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and Nokia Re…

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Moorfield announces new product range: ANNEAL

Moorfield are pleased to announce their latest product …

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Featured technology: "System-on-a-Flange"

Take the hassle out of component integration with Moorf…

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