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Jon Whitehead

CEO Moorfield Nanotechnology

Jon installed two "nanoETCH"‚Äč systems in the National Graphene Institute, Manchester. Also we installed a hybrid nanoETCH / anneal system in a Braun glovebox line for Dr Roman Gorbachev. The nanoETCH was developed with the Manchester University Graphene Group. Designed to enhance 2D material transfer, soft etch for 2D device fabrication - it works in a totally different mode to standard etch systems.

We launched our new bench top NanoPVD sputter system for metal and oxide deposition late 2014. We are now geared up for production in our new factory unit in Knutsford, Cheshire. We moved in early May. The facility boasts first floor offices with conference facilities, ground floor production and demonstration laboratory (with a multi-camera Skype set up for web demo's), clean assembly facilities and enough test bays for sales expansion over the next 5 years.

Moorfield launched a CVD graphene growth system in 2013. Called the nanoCVD-8G it is designed for research groups looking to grow high quality graphene for electronics applications. It allows the researcher to experiment with different receipes and tweek parameters to increase / decrease domaine size, uniformity etc. Its a cold wall system with three gas inlets, low themal mass heater ( very quick response), high stability pressure control and fast cycle time ( 25 minutes - sample in to sample out). The touch screen control, ease of use and low foot print have been very well received in the market place. Systems have been shipped, installed and when optimised are producing material equivalent to high end exfoliated graphene. Papers are now out.

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