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Toni Horsfield

Head of Cleanroom Environments division of Moorfield Nanotechnology

Toni heads up Moorfield's Clean Environments Division

Clean Environments Divsion have developed a range of rapid-assembly, HEPA filtered clean environments at a low cost and on-demand.

The current range includes;

  • Clean Cube. A permanent, modular cleanroom.
  • Clean Hood. A laminar flow booth.
  • Clean Shower. A two classification environment upgrade from ambient.
  • Clean Tent. A portable, ISO 5 cleanroom.

We complement these environments with a range of cleanroom consumables and cleanroom furniture.

Established 1989

 cleanroom excellence support service and guidance the innovative cleanroom tent, market leading cleanroom solution

Clean environments has grown from its birth within Moorfield Associates, a progressive vacuum deposition systems company founded to provide services in vacuum technology; primarily to the academic research market.

Whilst the initial service and retrofit side of the business is still important to our customers, the company has now grown to supply products manufactured in-house.

Moorfield’s vacuum deposition range is aimed at pilot-scale industrial production and high-end educational institutions. System designs involve extensive modularity, leading to flexible solutions ideal for R&D environments where changing technical requirements are common. The range consists of starter platforms that can then each be populated with numerous component sets for deposition of metals, inorganics and organics. Systems can be built as standalone units, or can be combined with gloveboxes when air sensitivity is an issue.

Recently, Moorfield have directed R&D toward chemical vapour deposition (CVD) systems that allow for easy production of the ‘wonder materials’ graphene and carbon nano tubes (CNTs). These developments have attracted government funding and have been aided by consultation with expert academic researchers. The systems are capable of scalable, cost-efficient synthesis of high-quality material through the implementation of growth schemes deemed critical for future commercialism of carbon nano materials.

A large proportion of Moorfield’s products are used within a clean environment and our engineers are therefore both users and manufactures of cleanrooms, giving our designs a practical edge over the competition.

Clean environments have a diverse client base from blue chip corporations to start ups in industries as varied as aerospace to medical. We have had the honor of working along side some of the worlds most pioneering teams, developing our environments to suit their bespoke applications. This knowledge is then filtered down to our standard product range.

Our products are designed, assembled and certified by our team of specialists in the North West of England