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Moorfield Vacuum Fittings and Components: the heart of the Moorfield business, during last few years we have invested heavily in our standard range of vacuum flanges and fittings, so that we can in most cases despatch straight from stock, for a next day delivery.



  • The Moorfield KF "Klein Flange" range of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. KF flanges utilize an aluminium clamp with a single wingnut fastener allowing frequent disassembly without tools.

    The vacuum seal is effected by uniform applications of pressure by the clamp on the 15° surface of the flange. The mating flange surfaces compress on ‘O’-ring (held in place by a metal ring) to produce a seal that can used in vacuum applications down to 10-8 mbar and baked to 200°C (sustained to 150°C)

    Advanced sealing material such as aluminium or copper may be used, when the joints have to be operated or baked at elevated temperatures or if high corrosion resistance and/or electrical insulation are required.

    Our vacuum components are bead-blasted inside and outside, unless otherwise stated. The sealing faces are polished mechanically.

    All components undergo a leak testing prior sales.

  • Moorfield vacuum CF components of comply with ISO 3669 standard and up to NW 200 are compatible with ConFlat® flanges and CF flanges of other leading manufacturers.

While there is no general standard for CF flanges, essentially two “standards” have come into use for NW 250: one Anglo-American and one European, both of which are available in our product line. Other standards are used by some other manufacturers and in use at research centres. Please contact us for these types of flanges.

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Due to UHV bakeability requirements, sealing of the CF flanges is provided by use of oxygen-free (OFHC) flat gasket rings, which usually can only be used once due to plastic deformation. The tightening pressure is exerted by through-bore screws that have to be tightened uniformly and crosswise to avoid excessive strain. These flange joints are bakeable up to 450 °C.

Standard material of our CF components is stainless steel. Any other material can be supplied upon request.

All UHV components are cleaned to UHV standard and leak tested down to 1 x 10 EXP -10 mbar l/s.

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Contact our expert team for help and advice

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