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Vacuum gauges

We can supply and advise on all types of vacuum gauge from a basic Bourdon dial gauge through to highly accurate Capacitance manometers

Vacuum gauges

By their nature, vacuum systems require various levels of vacuum, and there are numerous solutions available.

At Moorfield we offer dial gauges from 1000mbar to 0mbar. We can also supply more specific high-vacuum gauges such as Pirani, Penning, and capacitance manometers.

  • Bourdon dial gauges
  • Barometrically┬ácompensated vacuum dial gauges
  • Manometers
  • Pirani gauges
  • Penning gauges "cold cathode", also known as Active Inverted Magnetron (AIM)
  • Ionisation hot filament gauges
  • Capacitance manometer gauges
  • WRG (wide range gauges)

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