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Vacuum bake and residual gas analysis

We offer high tech solutions to ultra high vacuum applications, vacuum baking of customers chambers and RGA scan to the highest level

Moorfield vacuum components with its extensive experience in high vacuum and Ultra high vacuum 

The description "Vacuum Bake-out " is a term used in several areas of technology and fabrication, , referring to the process of using heat and a vacuum to release volatile compounds from something as a form of cleaning or processing. Bake-out is an artificial acceleration of the process of outgassing. The lighter gas molecules such as hydrogen or helium can be entrapped on the walls of manufactured chambers.

In various physics and vacuum device engineering, such as particle accelerators, semiconductor fabrication, and vacuum tubes, the term is used to refer to a period of time where a part or device is placed in a vacuum chamber (or its operating vacuum state, for devices which operate in a vacuum) and heated, usually by built in heaters. This drives off gases which can then be removed by a vacuum pump system.

At Moorfield we can offer a vacuum chambers prebaked and inert gas back filled complete with an RGA "Residual Gas Analysis" of the chamber.

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