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High-end vacuum support service

Providing high-quality parts, servicing and support for our innovative vacuum industry systems

What we do

Moorfield Vacuum Components was established as a complementary division to the Moorfield Nanotechnology Ltd. We aim to provide high quality vacuum equipment and service to vacuum system users. The support team has over 100 years of hands-on technical vacuum experience and aims to provide fast effective solutions to its customers.


Innovation and Experience

Our laboratory equipment is built to match your research needs. We can also service and repair existing tools, and provide advice relating to a custom project.

Successful Outcomes

"Since 2004, Moorfield systems have played a crucial role throughout this work. Their MiniLab sputtering, thermal and electron-beam evaporation systems are used routinely for device fabrication and, more recently, their nanoCVD project has given us rapid access to high-quality carbon nanomaterials. Powerful, easy-to-use tools and friendly, fast and knowledgeable support!"
Prof. Julie Macpherson & Prof. Patrick Unwin
University of Warwick

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