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Vacuum pump parts and spares

Moorfield Vacuum components offers the widest range of vacuum pump spares in the UK.

  • Edwards vacuum pumps formerly (BOC Edwards)
  • Leybold vacuum pump spares
  • Stokes vacuum pump spares
  • varian vacuum pump spares
  • Pfeiffer vacuum pump spares
  • Agilent vacuum pump spares
  • Adixen vacuum pump spares
  • Rietchle vacuum pump spares
  • Busch vacuum pump spares
  • Gardner Denver vacuum pump spares
  • Ilmvac vacuum pump spares

Plus many many more.... 

From rotors to stators to orings and full service kits.

First class advice from top engineers to keep your vacuum pumps in the best possible working order

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UK vacuum pump

Moorfield vacuum components is based in Knutsford which is centrally located in the UK " United Kingdom"

Our centralised UK location makes us ideal as both a distributor and service company.

Our main line is vacuum technology for research academia and U…

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Food packaging vacuum

Vacuum pumps are widely used in the process of both vacuum moulding and for process of food packaging.

Moulding is generally integrated with a heat process to change the plastic and an application of low level vacuum to form the desired shape of the plas…

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Vacuum Furnace Support

Moorfield vacuum is synonymous with service and support.

Our dedicated engineering team have experience on vacuum support for various makes models and types of vacuum  furnace.

  • Seco Warwick furnaces
  • TAV Vacuum furnaces
  • ALD Dynatech
  • Wellman
  • Ipsen A…
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