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MBE chamber order won

When quality counts there is only one choice for UHV chambers "Moorfield"

Our recent University order was won on our scrupulous eye for detail, our engineering team provided engineering drawings for sign off by the customer.

Molecular beam epitaxy not only requires the ultimate in vacuum it requires extreme accuracy for its evaporation cells.

We provide attention to details that prevents customer heartache

far too often customers opt for a cheaper vacuum chamber , they end up paying twice!!

Quality comes at a cost. 

  • High grade stainless and quality welding materials with coded welders
  • Chamber built by experienced engineering team with knowledge of multiple port vessels and how the weld can deform the chamber and allowances for rework due to extreme heat deformations.
  • Cleaning !! Often overlooked,
  • Electro static weld burn cleaning process
  • Faro Arm inspection 
  • De ionised water and Ultrasonic cleaning to UHV standard
  • Leak checking with helium on our mass-spectrometer 
  • RGA bake out if required with full print off. "residual gas analyser"
  • Back filling of inert gas such as argon or Nitrogen if applicable.


       MBE multiport vacuum chamber Molecular beam epitaxy


For further Help and world class UHV support drop our technical team aline

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