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Moorfield are currently advertising for the following positions: Production Controller; Electrical/Software Engineer; Systems Mechanical Engineer; Systems Test/Installation Engineer.

Want a career in a world-class business with a unique product range, global ambitions and a disruptive business model? If you are self-motivated, thrive on being challenged and ambitious then ou fast-paced culture might be right for you.

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What are carbon Nanotubes

What Are Carbon Nanotubes and Why Should You Care?

Have you heard of carbon nanotubes? Probably not.

They sound like a futuristic technology that has lots of vaguely high-tech properties. And that is pretty much exactly what they are. 

Carbon nanotubes a…

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MBE vacuum chambers completed and delivered

Moorfield vacuum have supplied and manufactured two UHV chambers which will form the core of a new system in the Surface, Interface & Thin Film Group at Warwick. One is a liquid-cooled MBE chamber with a total of 16 cell ports, designed for flexible d…

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Ion pump supply and service

At Moorfield we sell and service Ion pumps as well as all other types of vacuum pump.

We supply new and used ion pumps and we can also refurbish and repair your ion pump.

We cover most major brands including as follows

  • Edwards ion pump
  • Gamma ion pum…
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