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Freeze Driers

Moorfield vacuum has a wide range of laboratory freeze driers, ask one of our team for further help or advice

Freeze dryers


Moorfield vacuum is please to announce the arrival of its laboratory bench top freeze driers

Our range of freeze driers are Highly flexible and adaptable. 

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Features and Benefits of our range are as follows

  • Our condenser cooling chambers operating from -55 degree Centigrade to -85 degree centigrade
  • Manufactured in United Kingdom to full ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • Full 12 month 1 year warranty
  • Trained and experienced fridge and vacuum engineers


We also offer a full range of complimentary Freeze drying accessory's the range of default accessories is totally interchangeable across our scientific laboratory range of driers.

  • Standard Aluminium freeze drier shelf's
  • spin freezer for rapid freezing
  • Heated shelf accesory
  • Vial stoppering accessory to seal dried samples whilst under vacuum 
  • various glass ware adaptors 8 port 16 port and larger


Options on our various freeze driers includes items such as

  • Data logging and USB PLC adaption
  • Internal product thermocouple temperature ,measurement
  • Vacuum pump supply " we also service freeze driers and pumps"
  • vacuum Hose

Our Freeze drying systems are seen as being a modern day upgrade on the now obsolete Edwards Modulyo range of freeze driers.



Our systems are predominantly used in the Pharmaceutical "pharma" , Food, laboratory and archaeology sectors

MSDS material Safety data sheets

PDF technical assistance / operation manuals/ parts diagrams 

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