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Turbo vacuum pumps

Turbomolecular pumps supplied and serviced by Moorfield vacuum new pumps supplied and old pumps serviced

Vacuum turbo pumps

Moorfield vacuum has extensive experience with Turbo"turbomolecular" vacuum pumps.

We work with most major manufacturers.

Popular makes of turbo pumps which we deal with are as follows.

  • Edwards vacuum 
  • Leybold vacuum
  • Varian vacuum
  • Agilent vacuum
  • Balzers vacuum

We can also repair or rebuild your turbo pump to an as new standard.

Turbo options as follows.

  • Turbo pump bearings
  • Turbo pump seals
  • Turbo pump air admit valves
  • Turbo pump inlet protection shields
  • turbo pump water cooling accessory
  • Turbo pump air cooling accessory

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