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Vacuum filters

Filters for your vacuum pump all types supplied by industry experts , making sure your pump has the correct protection

Vacuum filters

Moorfield vacuum can provide filters for all types of vacuum pump.

Rotary oil sealed vacuum pumps are predominant on vacuum systems.

we can supply the correct filters for your pump.

filters which can be found on the vacuum pump could include.

  • Exhaust mist filters " to prevent harmful mist and odours coming out of your pump"
  • Recirculating oil protection filters
  • Inlet dust protection filters
  • Inlet chemical absorbent traps

We can supply filter elements for all types of pumps as well as exhaust mist filter Assembly. 

Popular brands we cover for mist filters include as follows.

  • Busch vacuum 
  • Becker vacuum 
  • Stokes vacuum 
  • Edwards vacuum 
  • Leybold vacuum 
  • Kinney vacuum
  • Rietschle Vacuum 

We can outsource any vacuum spare part or filter that you are looking for.

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