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PVD deposition system service

Moorfield has extensive experiance on PVD systems we pride ourselves in being able to advise on service and or rebuild your thin film deposition system

PVD physical vapour deposition systems are by there nature not maintenance free.

we provide services as follows.

  • Vacuum pump repairs
  • Vacuum oil for rotary pumps and diffusion pumps
  • Gauge upgrades to new Digital readout
  • Shutters fitted
  • film thickness monitors and or control fitted.
  • Diffusion pump repairs

E306 Edwards Evaporation systems upgraded also. this includes additions to the above as follows

  • Turbo upgrade make your old Diffusion system obsolete."" pays for itself within one year on the electrical saving of removal of the diffusion pump heater
  • XDS dry vacuum pump upgrade
  • Selection of new Evaporation sources
  • Saftey door inlocks
  • Water flow safety switches
  • Water chillers fitted for secure temperature "saving money on green agenda"

We have been servicing and upgrading PVD thin film systems for over 20 years we await your call

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