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PVD deposition system service

Moorfield has extensive experience with PVD systems. We pride ourselves in being able to advise on service and/or rebuild your thin film deposition system

PVD (physical vapour deposition) systems are by their nature, not maintenance-free.

We provide services as follows:

  • Vacuum pump repairs
  • Vacuum oil for rotary pumps and diffusion pumps
  • Gauge upgrades to new digital readouts
  • Shutters fitted
  • Film thickness monitors and/or control fitted
  • Diffusion pump repairs

E306 Edwards Evaporation systems can also be upgraded. This includes additions as follows:

  • Turbo upgrade. Make your old diffusion system obsolete! Pays for itself within one year (via the electrical saving made by the removal of the diffusion pump heater)
  • XDS dry vacuum pump upgrades
  • A selection of new evaporation sources
  • Safety door inlocks
  • Water flow safety switches
  • Water chillers fitted for secure temperature

We have been servicing and upgrading PVD thin film systems for over 20 years!

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