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Vacuum pump service

Moorfield has decades of experience in vacuum pump service - from basic rotary vane pumps through to complex cryogenic and turbomolecular pumps

A brief explanation describing how we service our pumps:

  1. Firstly, we carry out a visual inspection of the pump to check for external damage.
  2. The electric motor is removed and checked for free rotation and/or bearing wear. The motor is then stripped, and the bearings checked. The motor is then electrically PAT tested, flash tested for continuity, and resistance checked for insulation. This ensures the motor windings and coils are in good condition.
  3. The main mechanical pumping module is then stripped and fully decontaminated and cleaned.
  4. Once the pump is cleaned, a full assessment of the pump mechanism is carried out to check for any wear or damage to the pump.
  5. A full list of spares and consumable vacuum parts is then put together.
  6. A third visual check is conducted to assess the condition of non-consumable parts.
  7. The pump is then refitted with its electrical motor.
  8. Helium leak testing or pressure-rise testing is then carried out, depending on the pump type.
  9. Pump testing is then carried out. The current drawn by the motor, the pump module temperature, and the performance of the pump is monitored, measured, and recorded.

The completed pump and/or unit is then taken to our paint shop where it is made to look like an as-new unit.

The pump is then packaged together with its test certificate, and new oil (where requested).

Safety is key and we will request that a health and safety document is supplied with the pump. We will provide the necessary paperwork/forms for this.

All work is done to ISO9001 standards.