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Expert help and advice on vacuum systems from industry qualified technicians

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Moorfield, being a technically driven solution provider, offers a wide range of specific vacuum services.

  • Technical training courses
  • Helium leak detection
  • UHV and XHV  solutions 



Helium leak detection

Having a leak on a vacuum system can be exceptionally frustrating. At Moorefield, all of our highly-trained technicians are available with our portable mass spectrometer to visit your site and troubleshoot the problem.

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RGA residual gas analyser services

If you have a critical application or internal leak on your vacuum system where defined gas analysis is required, we can provide both the technician and the RGA as an on-site service.

We can, for applications where RGA analytical data is required, supply units as a packaged solution. Our expert team can talk you through what you may need on your system.

We are also now offering on site and in-house training on effective use of Residual gas analysers.

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Polycold Support

Our engineers can advise on both service and regassing of Polycold and offer cold fingers advice on the latest legal requirements.

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Site services for PVD coating systems

Our team of vacuum engineers can help and advise you on your deposition system - providing service and troubleshooting to maintain your system. The team has extensive experience on most leading brands and offer solutions from basic pump service through to full overhaul and diagnostic checks.

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In-house CAD design engineering services

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In-house electronic and PLC control design

Our dedicated electrical and electronics department can build and design PLC control for your vacuum system, including bespoke electrical circuit design, and electrical rebuild of control systems on PVD and high vacuum apparatus.

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Brokerage Service

Brokerage service 

At Moorfield we often have deals for various vacuum systems parts, pumps, or spares.

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