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Happy customers are good for business, our testimonials are where we have either saved our customer a considerable amount of expenditure, or we have provided them with a technical solution to there problem. We are technical solution providers for all aspects of vacuum technology

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Prof. Julie Macpherson & Prof. Patrick Unwin

Here at the Electrochemistry & Interfaces Group, we study properties and applications of novel materials including diamond, carbon nanotubes and graphene. Since 2004, Moorfield systems have played a crucial role throughout this work. Their MiniLab sputtering, thermal and electron-beam evaporation systems are used routinely for device fabrication and, more recently, their nanoCVD project has given us rapid access to high-quality carbon nanomaterials. Powerful, easy-to-use tools and friendly, fast and knowledgeable support!

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Prof. Monica Craciun

The nanoCVD-8G from Moorfield allowed us to grow high quality monolayer graphene with a 99% reduction in production costs compared to existing processes. Developing such growth techniques would not have been possible without the tool's unique design and easy operation. Recommended!
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Dr. Ugo Sassi

At Nokia Research Centre, we have developed cutting-edge applications of Moorfield soft-etching technology based on its unique level of control at low plasma powers. We know Moorfield for their innovative R&D products and close support, and look forward to working with them in the future

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Dr. David Vanleeuw

Our procurement procedure was developed in a way to advantage a high quality and customized solution for the evaporation of boron, in favour of a large, more industrial installation. As a result, we were very pleased by the solution proposed by Moorfield. From the beginning, they had a good understanding of our technical needs and they were very cooperative to determine the evaporation parameters during the acceptance test, which was highly appreciated as metallic boron is not easy to deposit.

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Dr. Petra Cameron

Our research focusses on electrochemistry, energy materials and perovskite photovoltaics. We were looking for a reliable and easy-to-use bench top evaporator. Our new Moorfield nanoPVD-T15A thermal evaporation system allows for high-quality metal deposition for electrodes and photovoltaic contacts. We also like the fact that the system is modular and can be easily upgraded to allow low temperature evaporation of organics. Our nanoPVD-T15A has quickly become a critical facility and is now used on a daily basis.

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Dr. Michael Cooke

Moorfield's cutting edge deposition systems have enabled our R&D into state-of-the-art microelectronic devices since we received our first system in 2006. We now have multiple tools, including a combined magnetron sputtering and electron-beam evaporation cluster. We have been continuously impressed by their innovative, flexible designs and their rapid, expert support.

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Prof. Saverio Russo

When dealing with sensitive 2D materials, we know all too-well that conventional etching solutions are simply not up to the job. Credit to Moorfield for recognising this, and for developing their unique soft-etching technology in response. For us, resist residues are now a thing of the past, and our results have benefited enormously!

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Dr. Roman Gorbachev

My team recently worked with Moorfield to implement a glovebox-integrated combined thermal annealing and soft-etching station customised for our application. Located in the new NGI, this is now being used for our graphene and 2D materials research. We have always been impressed with Moorfield's expert approach and dedication to customer satisfaction, and this was no exception!

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Prof. Monica Craciun

Moorfield are more than a supplier, always striving to provide help and expert advice that has pushed our research forwards. Given our only positive experiences, we are repeat customers, and look forward to further innovative solutions in the future.

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