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Manufacturing of world-class high vacuum chambers and vessels, delivered on time.

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We offer a wide range of vacuum chambers and fabrications in both stainless steel and aluminium. Our experienced chamber manufacturing team can also help with design of your vacuum chamber.

We offer a completely flexible service – from something as simple as a small cluster flange to very large bespoke vessels of 1m cubed and beyond.

Chambers & Fabrications

With our vast plant list and 60 years combined knowledge, we are confident in being able to design and manufacture a solution to your exact requirements.

Moorfield are able to offer a range of materials including aluminium and various grades of stainless steel; 304L, 316L, and high quality 316LN ESR.

We’re one of the few companies who can supply mu-metal chambers and fabrications for electron spectroscopy research, with most materials & flanges available from stock. We pride ourselves on supplying a quality product at competitive prices, with quick turnaround times.

We are an ISO 9001 approved company and employ highly experienced & skilled engineers to ensure that we deliver the best possible service at all times.

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Cylindrical Vacuum Chambers

We offer a wide range of vacuum chambers and fabrications in both stainless steel and aluminium.

  • UHV ultra high vacuum vessels
  • HV high vacuum vessels
  • Speciality vacuum fabrication
  • Vacuum manifold's and or bespoke designs
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Square Box Chambers

With vacuum chambers coming in all shapes and sizes, we can offer the box variety to the customer’s exact requirements.

Flange arrangements can be specified by the customer, with door or entry ports configured to suit.

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Custom and Specials

Most vacuum chamber manufacturing tends to be custom-designed, and Moorfield are experts in the field. The vacuum chambers we use on our own PVD systems are specifically designed for each customer.

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Vacuum Chamber Modifications

  • Addition of load locks to vacuum systems
  • Additional welding of flanges or ports to vacuum chambers
  • Doors and/or fast entry ports
  • Modification or re-engineering of flanges
  • Design updates & modifications to older vacuum systems
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Vacuum Manifolds

Moorfield Vacuum Components don't just offer standard vacuum components - we will work with the customer to design a bespoke item for them.

Manifolds as pictured are just one of the many design solutions we can offer.

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Vacuum Bake and RGA Residual Gas Analysis

The description "Vacuum Bake-out " is a term used in several areas of technology and fabrication, referring to the process of using heat and a vacuum to release volatile compounds from something as a form of cleaning or processing.

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In-House CAD Drawing Service for Specialist Fabrications

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Vacuum Adaptors

Moorfield can offer vacuum adaptors of any shape, size, or dimension – as a one-off, or a batch production. All items come fully helium leak checked for quality.

The chamber can be CF, KF, Swagelok, Cajon, Nupro, a mix, or whatever you choose. The team will work with you on your enquiry.

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