Moorfield offer advice, design and manufacturing of all forms of vacuum chamber. We can either manufacture to your specific design, or design to an application requirement.

Custom chambers & fabrications

Most vacuum chamber manufacturing tends to be custom-designed, and Moorfield are experts in the field. The vacuum chambers we use on our own PVD systems are specifically designed for each customer.
Chambers can be built from a range of materials including aluminium and various grades of stainless steel; 304L, 316L, and high quality 316LN ESR.
We’re one of the few companies who can supply mu-metal chambers and fabrications for electron spectroscopy research, with most materials & flanges available from stock. We pride ourselves on supplying a quality product at competitive prices, with quick turnaround times.
We are an ISO 9001 approved company and employ highly experienced & skilled engineers to ensure that we deliver the best possible service at all times.

Cylindrical and square box vacuum chambers

As well as custom-designed chambers, Moorfield can offer standardised cylindrical as well as square box chambers. Flange arrangements can be specified by the customer, with door or entry ports configured to suit.
  • UHV ultra high vacuum vessels
  • HV high vacuum vessels
  • Speciality vacuum fabrication
  • Vacuum manifold’s and/or bespoke designs

Modifications to existing equipment

Customers often ask us if we can upgrade their existing vacuum plant. The simple answer is yes, of course! With many years of in-house expertise, our team has a depth of knowledge to help.
Modification examples:
  • Addition of load locks to vacuum systems
  • Additional welding of flanges or ports to vacuum chambers
  • Doors and/or fast entry ports
  • Modification or re-engineering of flanges
  • Design updates & modifications to older vacuum systems

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